Welcome to Dylana's Sweet Treats.

Dylana’s Sweet Treats is a small-batch baked goods company based in Brooklyn, NY. Our offerings feature decadent desserts like bourbon and chocolate-infused bread puddings, cobblers, and custards. Using locally sourced, organic ingredients, we have been creating these delightful treats for over a decade out of a passion for baking and sharing food with loved ones. We are dedicated to refining our art and are delighted to share our finest creations with you!

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All catering inquiries can be submitted via our online form. Once your inquiry is submitted, someone from our team will respond promptly.

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  • Charmaine D. ★★★★★

    Do yourself a favor and try the bread pudding. OMG, it’s moist, delicious, and oh so decadent. I enjoyed every single bite and called out to my Savior, Mary and her little lamb! It’s so good y’all! Don’t walk but run to Dylana’s Sweet Treats and try it today!

  • Design Trust ★★★★★

    We ordered the Chocolate and Vanilla Bourbon Bred Puddlings for a work reception and everything was perfect. Dylana was a pleasure to work with and I guess most importantly the bread puddling was delicious.

  • Upstage Lifestyle ★★★★★

    Honestly the best bread pudding I’ve ever had and I’m not even a bread pudding fan in general! A must try. Also, the ladies are always so sweet and kind :)