"Dylana’s sweet treats are incredible."

- Anonymous

"It’s divine” I’m slowly making my way through it and I have no shame” I’m not sharing."
- Anonymous

"Ohkaaaay how is it possible????? My husband says that the latest and newest version is SIIIIIICK and I agree. Yuh put yuh 2 foot up inside ah dis one. Simply Deelicious."
- Valerie

"OMG.. THAT PEACH COBBLER IS AWESOME. SOOOO GOOD!!!! Thank you. We killed it."
- Trina

"Omg your bread pudding was amazing!!!!!"
- Shantini

"You're banana pudding is the truth!!!!"
- Afi

"Taste with skepticism, find myself going for a second and third very delicious, no words."
- @kmfrederick1

"Best Bread Pudding I've ever eaten
- @Iammshandmade

"If you haven't tried this yet, you are missing out!!!! Thank me later!!"
- @i.am.abpowerment

"We absolutely loved it over here. I gave my children the chocolate chip, gave my husband A BITE of the bourbon and ate the rest. Lol! Placing my order soon."
- @keilycakes

"I absolutely love the chocolate bread pudding Dylana! It is full of flavor and every time I eat it, it feels like it's the first time I'm trying it all over again! It's a MUST TRY!"
- @yo.manie_

"LOVED the bread pudding! Enjoyed every bite and will definitely be coming back for more."
- @kimeradesign

Don't take their word for it...try it for yourself.